A Little About Me

I've seen some wonderful sites that have a "100 Things About Me Page". I don't think I could ever come up with 100 things about me so this will be kind of fun for me to see how many things I can come up with :) If you'd like to join me in this little adventure then come scroll along and see how far I've gotten :)

1. I was born May 31
2. I'm an only child
3. I am 5'0" (on my tippy toes)
4. I am the shortest person in my family
5. I have lived in Crossville,Tennessee all my life
6. I am married to a wonderful husband
7. We were married on December 23, 1995
8. I am a SAHM of 3
9. My oldest Chantaye was born on her Daddy's birthday August 14, 1994
10. My son Bradley was born February 6 ,1997
11. My youngest Angela Faith was born January 28, 2001
12. My 2 oldest babies were preemies
13. I love to read
14. I love to crochet
15. I love graphics (surprise lol)
16. I have 1 niece
17. I love to argue
18. I hate to fight
19. I'm a "plain old country girl"
20. I love Country Music
21. Blue is my favorite color
22. Roses are my favorite flowers
23. I collect Precious Moments
24. I have several pieces my mother-in-law had signed for me
25. I love to laugh
26. I've been called the family comedian :)
27. I hate to cook
28. I live in jeans and t-shirts
29. I have light-auburn hair
30. I have blue eyes
31. I'm terrified of spiders and snakes
32. The word snake is not allowed in my house lol
33. I'm not a morning person.
34. I'm very sentimental
35. My Faith is very important to me
36. I'm allergic to grass
37. I get sun-poisoning very easily
38. I hate driving Greg's car
39. I like driving my truck (oh the power lol)
40. I am a major fan of The Alabama Crimson Tide
41. I started drawing graphics again recently
42. I hate traffic
43. My favorite movie is Gone With The Wind
44. I'm pretty sensitive at times
45. My temper is my worst characteristic
46. I have endometriosis
47. I'm ditzy lol
48. Hearing my sweeties giggle is a bright spot in my day
49. I'm pretty moody lately
50. I think I'm pre-menopausal...
(I have all the signs)

Whew! Mercy that took alot of thinking.
I hope you haven't nodded off from boredom :)
and that you've enjoyed my list of silliness.